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Amplifying your crave-worthy restaurant... Beyond Kitchens!

Let's bring your restaurant's crave-worthy hits across the world!

Professional Chefs

For Restaurants

We offer you, #craveworthy #plantbased restaurant brands, a new operating and execution model by going Beyond Kitchens to reach customers in new markets without the headaches of operating another location.

Promote: Our team consults with you for menu planning and development specific to the market where our kitchens are located. Given our depth and breadth across the hospitality industry, we have the insights to be able to amplify your brand.

Make: Our services, infrastructure and teams work together to consult, cook and operate your crave-worthy plant-based menu hits in new markets to scale faster. This outsourced service in preparing your culinary hits enables you to sit back and watch us scale your restaurant brand across new markets!

Delivery / Pick-Up: Our logistics integration handles the delivery/pick-up to make your “crave-worthy” plant-based foods convenient for all to access.

Are you a #craveworthy #plantbased restaurant who wants to grow? Connect with us today, and go Beyond Kitchens!

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