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Veggie Burgers
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Amplifying crave-worthy plant-based foods.

Cactus is building a platform that optimizes the launching and scaling of plant-based restaurant brands.

Professional Chefs

For Resturants

We offer you, #craveworthy #plantbased restaurant brands, a new operating and execution model to reach customers in new markets without the headaches of operating another location.

Promote: Our digital capabilities amplifies your offerings in “plant-based food deserts” to make crave-worthy plant-based foods just as familiar and comforting as non-plant-based foods.

Make: Our kitchen infrastructure helps you go Beyond Kitchens® to cook and operate your crave-worthy plant-based hits in new markets to scale faster.

Delivery / Pick-Up: Our logistics integration handles the delivery/pick-up to make your “crave-worthy” plant-based foods convenient for all to access.

Are you a #craveworthy #plantbased restaurant who wants to grow? Connect with us today!

Closeup of eating dinner

For Customers

We offer you, the “flexitarian” consumer, a spectacular experience to #craveworthy #plantbased foods. In other words you want foods that taste good (substance), and foods that make you feel good (purpose).

Hyper-personalization: You can now mix and match menu items across all “crave-worthy” plant-based brands and checkout in a single order

Locations: Plant-based foods, that you crave, where you want, and when you want.

Trust: Together with our trusted ecosystem of suppliers, partners, and vendors, we are committed to providing sustainable, uncontaminated “crave-worthy” plant-based foods.

Image by Julieta Julieta

“The world needs to be exposed to the broad benefits of eating more plant-based foods for health, animal welfare, environmental reasons, among others. By inviting people from different walks of life, and amplifying the voices of crave-worthy plant-based restaurants, Cactus is playing a part in helping everyone understand that plant-based foods are just as familiar and comforting as non-plant-based foods."

Brian Kateman, President and Cofounder, Reducetarian Foundation

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